Disaster Zone

Defunding Emergency Managment

December 27, 2022 Season 3 Episode 52
Disaster Zone
Defunding Emergency Managment
Show Notes

This week’s Disaster Zone Podcast is a commentary from Eric Holdeman on the topic of Defunding Emergency Management. The title is there to get your attention and make everyone think about the grant rat race we are in as emergency managers. Whose role is it to fund state and local emergency management programs? Is it the federal government or is it the role of states and local governments? This is the topic that is explored in this commentary. Yes, Eric admits he has chased federal grants with the best of them!

This episode is sponsored by Eric Holdeman and Associates, and keynote speaker Eric Holdeman. Eric is an accomplished public speaker who uses humor and information to both engage and enlighten audiences, both large and small. He has presented in plenary sessions for both national and regional conferences of 500 or more people. The following are topic areas that he can speak to:

Social media
Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Design, Construction and Operation
Future of Emergency Management is Regional
Pandemic Flu
Media is My Friend
Public Education

Eric Holdeman is a professional emergency manager who is passionate about providing information that can help families, businesses & governments become better prepared for disasters of all types. Hear first hand expert insights from Eric on his Podcast, Blog & EricHoldeman.com.