Disaster Zone

Forecasting the Weather as a Business

March 19, 2024 Eric Holdeman / Jonathan Porter Season 4 Episode 12
Disaster Zone
Forecasting the Weather as a Business
Show Notes

In this podcast we have a wide-ranging discussion about the importance of weather to business and government operations around the world. Getting actionable weather forecasts has never been more important. We learn how these forecasts can be both pinpoint and actionable by incorporating what is about to happen with your operational procedures to both protect people and property. 

The podcast guest is Jonathan Porter, who is AccuWeather’s Senior Vice President, Weather Content and Forecast Operations and Chief Meteorologist. He is one of AccuWeather’s most accomplished subject matter experts. In this key leadership role, he blends his background in meteorology, weather news, and information technology to oversee AccuWeather’s team of over 100 highly experienced expert meteorologists, including some of the most gifted and talented weather forecasters assembled from around the world.

Jon is also a broadcast meteorologist, routinely appearing on the AccuWeather Network as well as thousands of media interviews on major networks all around the world on a wide variety of weather and climate topics.

Jon joined AccuWeather in 2004, after graduating from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Meteorology and minor in Information Technology. He has held a series of demanding and progressively more responsible positions within the company.

A Connecticut native, Jon has always been interested in weather and decided that he wanted to be a meteorologist in the fourth grade. Growing up, he was always fascinated with East Coast snowstorms.

Jon is a Professional Member of the American Meteorological Society. He was appointed and served 7 years on the US government National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Environmental Information Services Working group, a federal advisory committee. Jon frequently delivers presentations at conferences and professional meetings – specifically focused on the exchange of weather data and warnings.

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Eric Holdeman is a professional emergency manager who is passionate about providing information that can help families, businesses & governments become better prepared for disasters of all types. Hear first hand expert insights from Eric on his Podcast, Blog & EricHoldeman.com.